Namvar Sazan Orasia Design and Construction (High-Tech) Co. has commenced its activities in cooperation with board members educated in the fields of Civil Engineering, Nanotechnology and Architecture with the aim of developing the construction industry by using the latest technological methods in the world. Respecting natural and legal employers and quality performance of all projects full time is the main motto of this professional group in the construction industry. Thank you for your interest in our website.

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In this department, more durable combinations of materials can be achieved and the quality of materials produced can be improved.


The construction project is run virtually and its potential problems are investigated.

Building Information Modeling

Structural calculations for professional design of steel, concrete, earth and new structures are performed in accordance with the latest editions of modern world regulations and Construction Engineering instructions.

Structural calculations and architectural design

The purpose of construction management is to create projects that meet the needs of the people and attract the attention of employers.

Construction Management

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